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That the mother of Mike Nesmith formally of the group The Monkeestipp-ex


One of the first forms of correction fluid was invented in 1951 by the secretary Bette Nesmith Graham, founder of Liquid Paper, and mother of Mike Nesmith of The Monkees.


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The Facts

According to the Gartner Group, a technology research group, “More than £1.6 million worth of card fraud occurs on UK plastic cards every day”.  The BBC reported in 2010 that identity fraud is costing the UK economy £2.7bn a year. Information is priceless To a criminal your personal information is priceless.  This information can be used to obtain credit cards, open bank accounts, obtain loans and Documents such as driving licenses and passports.

Protecting yourself and protecting your data.

As part of the advice offered by the website they discuss “keeping you documents safe“.  In this section it is suggested you shred any unwanted documents, including bank statements, credit card statements, bills, receipts and even unwanted mail that contains your name and address.

Not all Shredders are equal

When selecting a shredder you need first to decide how sensitive the data you are destroying is.

  • Strip-cut shredders, the least secure, use rotating knives to cut narrow strips as long as the original sheet of paper. Such strips can be reassembled by a determined and patient investigator or adversary, as the product (the destroyed information) of this type of shredder is the least randomized. It also creates the highest volume of waste inasmuch as the chad has the largest surface area and is not compressed.
  • Cross-cut or confetti-cut shredders use two contra-rotating drums to cut rectangular, parallelogram, or diamond-shaped (or lozenge) shreds.
  • Particle-cut shredders create tiny square or circular pieces.
  • Cardboard shredders are designed specifically to shred corrugated material into either strips or a mesh pallet.
  • Disintegrators and granulators repeatedly cut the paper at random until the particles are small enough to pass through a mesh.
  • Hammermills pound the paper through a screen.
  • Pierce and Tear Rotating blades pierce the paper and then tear it apart.
  • Grinders A rotating shaft with cutting blades grinds the paper until it is small enough to fall through a screen.

There are numerous standards for the security levels of paper shredders, including:

  • DIN 32757
    • Level 1 = 12 mm strips OR 11 x 40mm particles
    • Level 2 = 6 mm strips OR 8 x 40mm particles
    • Level 3 = 2 mm strips OR 4 x 30mm particles (Confidential)
    • Level 4 = 2 x 15 mm particles (Commercially Sensitive)
    • Level 5 = 0.8 x 12 mm particles (Top Secret or Classified)
    • Level 6 = 0.8 x 4 mm particles (Top Secret or Classified) (unofficial extension of the DIN 32757-1 standard)
More information on these standards can be found here

Now you’ve decided on the level of destruction for your shredded documents you should also consider the volume of the documents to be shredded and the frequency of use, as this will also determine the size and type of shredder suitable for your requirements. For a comprehensive selection of shredders starting at just £17.50 then head over to

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Try pronouncing some of your colleagues names incorrectly, for example Rob Smith will  become Pob Sniff, Sam Bailey becomes Ram Daily… I think you get the idea :-)

Are you sitting comfortably


Further to our blog post on correct seating posture whilst in the office our Gophers have found an interesting section on the Fellowes website site offering some more information and valuable resources.

According to Professor Ergo (“a leading worldwide authority on workstation ergonomics”) seventy percent of workers have experienced or suffered from an ailment or injury associated with an inappropriate workspace environment within the previous three years.  He also states that 80% of us will experience some type of back problem or pain during our lives.

Another interesting point is we spend 46.5 minutes as day fidgeting at our desks, this Professor Ergo states “we waste 22.3 days per year fidgeting.”  I’m sure Professor Ergo is correct on this with regards us humans, however I know our Gophers fidget much more than this!

Other resources Professor Ergo has on his site include, The Ideal Office – Practical advice to achieve your perfect office, and a rather useful workstation assessment.  You do however have to part with your name and email address to receive your free assessment.

Please remember that most of the fellowes range is available from our Office Gopher store, but why not head over and have a look at the Professors site.